Vermiponic Food Mural Toolkit


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Available November 1, 2019.

You won’t find this information anywhere else!  The toolkit is a clear and specific recipe for the design and maintenance of a profitable Vertical Vermiponic system.  We have spent two years in RnD developing this system.  There are many ways to implement Vermiponics, however this toolkit is targeted at growing organic greens and herbs, vertically.  In market terms, it is optimized for the highest Return-On-Investment for urban farming….where land use is expensive and customers are close-by.

Toolkit includes:

  • Specifications for building economical vertical NFT racks with 4 different configurations.
    • 6 or 9 channels tall
    • 12′ or 8′ long channels
  • Seamless integration of Worm Tap with hydroponic system.
  • Vermiponic nutrient monitoring, organic nutrient supplementation
  • Interactive spreadsheet with monthly plant options based on local monthly climate  and Vermiponic nutrient level targets.
  • option for solar power wiring


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