The Worm Tap


Vertical Worm Composter AND
Compost Tea Brewer
Makes 5 gallons of Compost Tea Everyday!

  • Use Spout w/ Watering Can
  • + Reservoir Feed Line
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  • Automatically Makes 5 gallons of Compost Tea Everyday!
  • What is compost tea?
    Compost tea is an aerated nutrient-rich and microbial-rich liquid that has become an integral part of organic farming all over the world because it can replace pesticides, fertilizers, and microbial inoculants.

Benefits over traditional Worm Bins:

  1. Easy to use and no work!
    The Worm Tap automatically makes 5 gallons of Compost Tea every day without any work/time on your part.  ( Traditionally, making your own compost tea involves hours of work to sift worm castings and to set up a compost tea brewer…and that’s just for one batch!)
  2. Better Microbiology
    The Worm Tap is a self-contained ecosystem that cultivates the highest levels of microbial biodiversity through an active hydration and aeration system.  This ensures the tea is always healthy and ready for use when your garden needs it. (Most other methods involve the use of aged compost or worm castings + sugar which promotes the rapid growth of a small spectrum of microbial life, followed by a population crash…other compost teas turn rotten after about 12 hours.)
  3. Complete Nutrient solution for soil or hydroponic growing
    Worm Tap’s microbial life ensures all nutrients are plant-available for soil or hydroponic systems. The Worm Tap dissolves and oxidizes nitrogen continuously so that the tea is rich in nitrogen and maintains the nutrient solution at an optimal pH of 7. (Other compost tea methods are deficient in nitrogen because they use aged compost or worm castings that have gassed off most of the nitrogen.)
  4. No Bad Smells
    Worm Tap’s active aeration system ensures the compost stays in an aerobic state, which means no bad smells.
  5. Food Grade Stainless Steel Bins and Cedar Frame.
    Since we’re growing food, we’re committed to using only the highest quality food grade materials.

What Can I put in the Worm Tap?

Yes: Fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, weeds, leaves,
No: raw meat, oils, fats, citrus
Some: Leftover food, lawn clippings(that don’t have dog feces)
A little: cooked meat, bread, pasta, rice, chips, pastry, dairy

Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 27 × 15 in
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Use Spout w/ Watering Can, + Reservoir Feed Line


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