Vermiponic Food Mural Toolkit


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The toolkit is a clear and specific recipe for the design and care of a Vertical Vermiponic system.  We have spent two years in RnD developing this; while there are many ways to implement Vermiponics, this toolkit is designed to simply grow organic food, vertically.  In market terms, it is optimized for the highest Return-On-Investment for urban farming….where land use is expensive and resources and time are in high-demand.

Toolkit includes:

    • Specifications for vertical food murals in 4 possible combinations:
      • 6 or 9 channels tall
      • 12′ or 8′ long channels
    • Seamless integration of our Worm Tap into the hydroponic system.
    • Organic nutrient supplementation and monitoring
    • Interactive spreadsheet with monthly plant options based on local climate  and Vermiponic nutrient levels
    • Option for solar power integration


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