Become Community Owner

Dark Nectar Cooperative is deeply rooted in community, and we are only owned by workers and community investors.

Have you seen our cool products and read about our mission and values?  Would you like to become a part of this community that is raising the bar on food production and business ethics?   Please join us!  We’d love to have your support…actually to be real, we need your support.  Community food sovereignty is a hard battle in a world dominated by massive industrial agriculture corporations.  We are asking you to champion our cause, and join the fight with us, by investing in our (your!) cooperative.

Community Investors can be vested at three levels.  All investors will receive annual dividends on profits.

  • $10 Community Investor
  • $100 Community Investor:  +10% off all purchases
  • $1000 Community Investor +20% off all purchases

All investments are fully refundable after 3 years.

To become a community investor please email