Window Aquatica Complete Starter Kit


Most Sustainable Aquaponics System on the Market.  Fits any windowsill 3 inches or wider.

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You are going to fall in love with Window Aquatica! It’s the absolute easiest way to grow organic herbs and small plants all year round, in your window. You don’t need to worry about over/under-watering or over/under-fertilizing your herb pots anymore– this system does all the work for you.  Best yet, within 1 year, your Window Aquatica will produce organic herbs worth more than the cost of the system!

The Complete Window Aquatica Starter Kit is perfect for folks with no aquarium experience. The kit includes a seamless glass aquarium with Bamboo Growing Bed, Air Pump, Glass and Stainless Steel Water Lift, Aquatic Shade, Water Quality Test Strips, Aquarium Thermometer, and Window Adhesive Hook.

Now including FREE gifts:

    • 1 year organic fish food
    • Herb Starts (choose between Basil, Mint and Parsley)
    • Clay Pebble Growing Media

The fish are beautiful and calming. The sound of trickling water adds peace to your home. Clipping fresh herbs for any meal adds flavor and vibrancy at a fraction of the cost of grocery store fare.  The herbs are always fresh and ready to use– no waiting around in checkout lines just to get herbs cut three days ago!

This is not only the smallest, most eco-friendly, and easiest-to-use aquaponics system on the market, Window Aquatica is the very first aquaponics system made specifically for window sills.  We have been meticulous to uphold the highest standards for organic food production. All materials that are in contact with the aquaponic ecosystem are natural materials that are either biodegradable or recyclable.


  • This system should only be used in a room that is between 60F and 85F.
  • Because of the small size of the aquarium and its placement in the window, we recommend these fish for the aquarium.  These fish have been specifically selected to work with the Window Aquatica system.

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